Black Healing Past & Future

Your Voice & Lived Experience Don’t Only Matter, They Are Crucial For Our Collective Healing & Liberation.

Black people, our ancestors and those of us still moving and grooving, have long been trailblazers in interrupting uglification and oppression. To see ourselves as human beings worthy of dignity and freedom while living in a country that was treated us as taxable property, is the epitome of Reclaiming UGLY. This Black History Month, we invite you to name and celebrate the queer, fat, and/or disabled Black artists and writers who have helped you to love yourself more and imagine yourself free. We will post these submissions in our Blog and on our social media platforms.

To participate, all you have to do is fill out this brief form with the following information

  1. A brief (or not brief) testimony about the Black Artist you chose and why you chose them? We’re less interested in their accomplishments and more interested in how their work and existence touched your life and helped you reclaim your UGLY and imagine liberation.
  2. A link to a video clip, photo/visual art piece, or portion of their writing. If you submit a video clip, please choose one that is captioned or submit your own captioning. If you submit a photo/art piece, please submit an Image Description and Alt Text.
  3. The form will require your name and email address for our archives, but you can choose to make the post anonymous if you desire.
Image description: a banner image with a green background for Reclaim UGLY Black History month campaign. The image features two portraits (left to right): Lucille Clifron, a smiling Black elder woman with short silver hair, glasses and red lipstick, and James Baldwin: a black and white photo of a man looking calmly at the camera with short black hair, white shirt and black tie. Between the two portraits, a drawing of two brown hands with a radiating blue heart between them. At the top a white text reads: “Celebrate Black History Month with Reclaim UGLY! Who Are The Black Artists Who’ve Helped You Reclaim Your UGLY?”