Welcome to Reclaim UGLY

Uplift Glorify Love Yourself & Create A World Where Others Can As Well!

We are the people we serve. Collective healing & liberation cannot happen without deep self love. This photo came from the inaugural UGLY Conference. Welcome to our Beloved Community! This is a love revolution and we’re so excited to be on this journey with you.

Reclaiming UGLY IS Freedom to:

Fall In Love With Yourself Passionately & Unconditionally!
Enjoy Your Body Without Apology!
Embrace & Love Other People Regardless of Their Appearance or Identity!
Say HELL NO to any person, belief, or practice that interferes with your ability to peacefully love who you are!
Imagine a world where ALL HUMAN BEINGS can access the love, safety, and resource they need to thrive and enjoy their life!

We Dont Fight Against Oppression.

We Dream, Scheme, And Collaborate Towards Healing & Collective Liberation.

“Ugly is the opportunity to truly indulge in yourself, in your desires, in your body, and the way you want to express yourself and the way you want to exist in the world – while abstaining from the patriarchy….It’s freedom from feeling like you have to conform.” – Vanessa Rochelle Lewis at the 2020 Explore More Summit.

Join Us At Our Upcoming Events!

Image Description: A flyer for an upcoming workshop with Creating Freedom Movements and Reclaim UGLY. A whimsical image of a hand in the center doing magic on purple background and sparkly decoration. Text reads: “Reclaim UGLY Presents: Your Magic Belongs to You! And Yes, Beloved, You Deserve It!”. Two speech bubbles read: “With Vanessa Rochelle Lewis” and “July 10th 11a-4p PT”

Join our Founding Director, Vanessa Rochelle Lewis, for a healing, boundary, and self-care masterclass all about Reclaiming Your Magic from the ideals, people, and expectations that are standing in the way of your freedom, joy, ease, and wholeness. Let’s get free and reclaim our ugly, together!

Contact US

Vanessa: vanessarochellelewis@reclaimugly.org

Reclaim UGLY Support & Inquiries: supportteam@reclaimugly.org

In The Press

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Making an Appearance at a Conference for Ugly People


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Queer Spirit Podcast: Reclaiming UGLY as an Act of Queer Pleasure
with Vanessa Rochelle Lewis


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Black queer healing poetics of Vanessa Rochelle Lewis


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The Space Between Us, Hosted by Jovelyn Richards

Women’s Magazine

Our Upcoming Book!

Image description: An abstract background of pastel pinks, purples, and browns filled with various textures and patterns is featured on a book cover. Pink and brown text reads “Reclaiming UGLY! Uplift, Glorify, & Love Yourself, and create a world where others can as well. Vanessa Rochelle Lewis”

Reclaiming UGLY, the book!

January 21, 2021

Flip the script on how you think about UGLY – what it means, what it is, and how to reclaim it to Uplift, Glorify, and Love Yourself in an uglified world. Blending joyful self-help magic with incisive social analysis and personal narrative, author Vanessa Rochelle Lewis empowers readers to heal, connect, and revolt against uglification.

Through self-help exercises, reflective meditations, and lesson plans, Lewis moves us closer to a collective liberation that takes back what society tells us is ugly and taboo…and teaches us to deconstruct what we’ve told ourselves is ugly and taboo. Reclaiming UGLY is a warm embrace and compassionate guide toward radical self-acceptance, joyful community-centered healing, and unfiltered self-love. Coming soon