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"Reclaim UGLY - A Radically Joyful Guide to Unlearn Oppression and Uplift, Glorify, and Love Yourself" is now available for pre-sale.

It will be released January 23rd, 2o24!

Uplift Glorify, Love Yourself, & create a world where others can, too!

Join Reclaim UGLY to Rewrite & Decolonize your understanding of beauty from white supremacy, the patriarchy, transmysoginy, fatphobia, ableism, and other systems of oppression. We are a judgement free zone devoted to self love, art healing, community building, and collective liberation.

Our primary mission is to raise awareness about what uglification and lookism are, how they affect us and our communities, and how we can lift our voices to speak up and out when witness it happening. Join us to explore all of the beautiful we can heal, resist, and love ourselves and others, together.

Welcome to our Beloved Community! This is a healing first revolution, and we’re so excited to be on the Reclaim UGLY journey towards more self love and collective liberation with you!


“Ugly is the opportunity to truly indulge in yourself, in your desires, in your body, and the way you want to express yourself and the way you want to exist in the world – while abstaining from the patriarchy….It’s freedom from feeling like you have to conform.”

– Vanessa Rochelle Lewis at the 2020 Explore More Summit

What is uglification?

Uglification consists of personal and cultural beliefs, behaviors, practices, and laws that dehumanize people as ugly, undesirable, immoral, and unworthy. It feeds, maintains, and depends on oppression, such as lookism, racism, ableism, sexism, and homo-, trans-, fat-, and xeno- phobia. Unchecked, it facilitates, normalizes, and validates hatred, childhood bullying, workplace exclusion, criminalization, medical neglect, violence, exploitation, and more. Practicing Self Love in a world so rooted with uglification is a powerful act of healing and resistance. But we want more than self love, we want to create a world where we intentionally strive towards the transformative inclusivity that will support people to love themselves and each other more. To do that, we have to fight the urge to uglify ourselves and other people within our families, friendships, work places, organizing spaces, creative expression, media, religious institutions, and politics.

More about Reclaim UGLY

We think of ourselves as a community organization that is a spiritual and ideological healing movement. We are doing the healing side of activism, and activism needs healers.

We create educational materials, literature, events, and performances to educate diverse communities about how lookism and uglification collaborate to justify (racialized, gender-based, fatphobic, homophobic, transphobic, and ableist ) violence, hatred, criminalization, and discrimination.

We spread the word about how Reclaiming UGLY can joyfully heal and save lives by creating safer, more inclusive, and more welcoming communities, schools, work places, families, and movements. We invite people to reclaim their body, their communities, and their imagination from the impacts of uglification.

We host events, workshops, and activities, and produce literature and art to help people understand what uglification is, and to imagine a world where we can all be free from it, especially those who experience it the most impactfully.

We are the people we serve. Collective healing & liberation cannot happen without deep self love. Welcome to our Beloved Community! This is a love revolution and we’re so excited to be on this journey with you.


In The Press

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Making an Appearance at a Conference for Ugly People


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Queer Spirit Podcast: Reclaiming UGLY as an Act of Queer Pleasure
with Vanessa Rochelle Lewis


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Black queer healing poetics of Vanessa Rochelle Lewis


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The Space Between Us, Hosted by Jovelyn Richards

Women’s Magazine

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Image description: An image of a group of mostly Black and Brown people with many different types of bodies. Above the people are the words “Reclaim UGLY” and “Reclaimugly.org” in purple text, and below in white and black text are the words, “Uplift Glorify Love Yourself, And Create A World Where Others Can As Well.” The background is orange.

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