Become A Reclaim UGLY Member!!!!!

Beloved Family

Welcome to the Reclaim UGLY Community! We love you and we want to create a safer, more loving, and more inclusive world – TOGETHER! Join us to participate in a healing, joy, educational, and imaginative space where every single person is welcome to dream, heal, rest, and collaborate towards a better world with us.

Types of Membership

Reclaim YourselF: $25-$49

  • Monthly Guided Meditation
  • Unlimited Access to Events / Performances
  • Connection is Not A Luxury (this programming begins once we reach 100 members a month, so that we can cover ASL, Administration, Facilitation, & Operations)

Uplift YourselF: $50-$99

  • All the above plus…
  • Weekly affirmation texts sent straight to your cell phone
  • Monthly access to the RU class of your choice (pending audience)
  • Monthly Reclaim UGLY Healing/Educational Curriculum or Creative Prompt (Most curriculums and prompts are designed to be age inclusive, but some are created with older teens/adults in mind).

Glorify YourselF: $100-$249

  • All the above plus
  • Special Monthly Reclaim UGLY Healing & Educational Masterclass with Diverse & Well-Known Social Justice Leaders, Orgs, Healers, & Artists (This program begins once 10 members sign up for this level. Once 20 members sign up for this level, we will welcome all members to the masterclass.)

Love YourselF: $250-$499

  • All the above plus
  • 2+ Reclaim UGLY team members will provide you with deeply compassionate and personalized written or video taped feedback on your response to the curriculum/creative prompts from a healing justice, disability justice, gender justice, racial justice, fat justice, liberation POV
  • You will be welcomed to participate in a small, nurturing group of your peers, facilitated by Vanessa Rochelle Lewis and other members of the RU team, to explore your Reclaim UGLY journey in community & Get One on One Attention.

Create A World Where Others Can Reclaim UGLY As WElL: $500+

  • All the above plus
  • Join us for a 5 day long Reclaim UGLY UGLY Healing & Transformative Imagine Luxury Retreat twice a year. This program begins once we have 20 members at this level.
  • Every two members who join us at this level also sponsors the membership and inclusion of 2 people who may be priced out of this opportunity.
  • If we reach 50 members at this level, we will host luxury healing retreats for formerly incarcerated women, trans, and non-binary people and their children.

What Your Membership Funds Will Support!!!!

  • ASL Interpreters
  • Automated Captioning Service
  • Scholarships/ Financially Accessible/Free Offerings
  • Reclaim UGLY Digest, Media, Zine, & Curriculum Development
  • Reclaim UGLY Sunday Liberation & Solidarity Services
  • Compensation/Salary for Team Labor
  • Paying Facilitators, Features, Performers. and Collaborators
  • Cloud Storage for Digital Archives and all things Reclaim UGLY
  • Reclaim UGLY Healing Retreat and Transformative Imagination Conference Planning, Coordination, and Execution
  • Solidarity Healing September & Black Healing October
  • Supporting Sick & Disabled Healers, Educators, & Artists to Work At An Accessible Pace
Join Us As A Sponsor Organization or Funder

As a Sponsor, your financial contributions & support will help us to ensure that no person will be financially excluded from participating in Solidarity Healing September, Black Healing October, Reclaim UGLY Weekly Solidarity & Liberation Services, or the 2022 Online Reclaim UGLY Healing Retreat and 2022 Transformative Imagination Conference – without worrying about a dollar. If we achieve enough sponsors, we can even give low-income, hourly waged workers stipends to attend the event so they dont miss out on much needed income in the name of freedom.

Here’s What Your Sponsorship Can Help Us Cover / Offer:

$500 Sponsorship can cover an article or comic for the Reclaim UGLY Digest or twelve hours of Reclaim UGLY administrative labor, thought work, or meeting time.

$1000 Sponsorship can sponsor a 2 hour workshop, performance, or service, including: ASL, automated closed captioning, two facilitators/host, one tech assistant, operations and some admin cost, and possibly a guest performer/artist.

$2500 Sponsorship can cover a well edited video with ASL interpreter, guest speaker, interviewer, and a accompanying downloadable curriculum.

$3000 Sponsorship can cover a fully accessible event with a panel and performer OR Keynote & two performers.

$7000 Sponsorship will allow the Reclaim UGLY team of multi-racial, intergenerational, sick and disabled, and LGBTQIA+ team members to invest in our collective wellness, cohesion, and growth by hosting a facilitated healing & visioning retreat together.

$15,000 will cover the full cost of facilitators for Black Healing October Healers OR ASL Interpreters for SHS or BHO.

We are also excited by sponsorships that looks like shared resources, physical spaces, skilled labor, and other forms of investment in our team and work.

What we can offer our sponsors:

  • We can affiliate the workshop of your choice, on a first come basis, with you. This includes placing your name and logo on all promotional events for that name.
  • Celebrate you on social media!
  • Host you on our website’s Sponsors & Funders Page
  • Name you in our newsletters and our events.
  • Support/Promote your future events
  • Vend or Table at Our Events.
Community Partner

As a Community Partner, you are our buddy in making this event happen and ensuring that the folks who need and want to participate have access. We know you are likely very busy, so there are a plethora of options for how to collaborate. You can choose to do any and all of the following:

  1. Promote Our Conference & Events
  2. Share our media & curriculums
  3. Host A UGLY Conference Event or Workshop
  4. Contribute to RU Digest
  5. Speak at RU Liberation & Solidarity Service
  6. Facilitate one of our RU Master Classes!
  7. Offer an In-Kind Donation
  8. Offer your skill to help us grow

What can we offer our Community Partners?

  • Celebrate you on social media!
  • Host you on our website’s Sponsors & Funders Page
  • Name you in our newsletters and our events.
  • Support/Promote your future events
  • Vend or Table at Our Events.

Join us as a Collaborator with your labor, creativity, and visioning for Reclaim UGLY roles to make spaces as accessible, healing, and fulfilling as possible! We work at the pace of joy, and the more hands we have helping in the background, the more we can sustainably take care of participants and team members. Whatever your capacity, skills, passions, experience- let’s find what you’re excited about, find what we’re hoping for, and find the beautiful overlap of our needs and desires as we work together. Connect with us here.

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