Become A Reclaim UGLY Monthly Donor!

Welcome Beloved Family,

We are over the moon to extend an invitation to join the Reclaim UGLY community by becoming a Monthly Donor! We love you and we want to create a safer, more loving, and more inclusive world – TOGETHER! Join us to participate in a healing, joyful, educational, and imaginative space where every liberatory heart is welcome to dream, heal, rest, and collaborate towards a better world with us.

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Why become a Reclaim UGLY Donor?

Joining us as a member will help us achieve sustainability, abundance, and accessibility in all we do and create for our beloved community. Supporting our infrastructure now will help us better show up for our community in all the ways we dream- including YOU!

  • Sustainability: We are the people we serve. As an intergenerational and multi-racial staff of LGBTQIA+, disabled people with marginalized genders committed to Black femme leadership, we understand that we must center our wellbeing and give from a place of excess. Your membership will support us to move at the pace of ease, center our imagination and healing, and offer our best selves to this movement without hurting ourselves and each other in the process.
  • Abundance: Your contributions help to free us from the mindset of scarcity, fear, or competition. So often, nonprofits are forced to focus on pursuing access to grants and resources that are often gate-kept by people in positions of power, and non-profit employees are overworked and overwhelmed in the process. We want to focus our energy on our mission to heal and educate, to center our creativity, and on making sure our community gets all the good magic we have to offer.
  • Accessibility: Accessibility is just another way to spell love. We love each other and the communities within which we serve and participate. Your contribution will help us ensure that everyone who wants to connect with the Reclaim UGLY community can, and that people who are most frequently excluded due to ableism and economic injustice are centered, cherished, and supported to participate in a way that feels good for them.
A joyful image that says: Reclaim UGlY. We’re Back!!!!! Black Healing Forever Sacred Spaces. #ChangeYourGazeSolidarity Series Workshops. Black Mage Open Mic & Dream Space. Online Healing Prompts & Articles. Events Every Single Month This Year!!!!

What Your Membership Supports:

  • ASL Interpreters
  • Automated Captioning Service
  • Scholarships/ Financially Accessible/Free Offerings
  • Reclaim UGLY Digest, Media, Zine, & Curriculum Development
  • Hiring Queer, Trans, & Disabled Black Healers for our Black Healing Forever Series
  • #ChangeYourGaze Healing in Solidarity Series
  • #ChangeYourGaze Youth Program
  • Compensation/Salary for Team Labor
  • Paying Facilitators, Features, Performers. and Collaborators
  • Cloud Storage for Digital Archives and all things Reclaim UGLY
  • Reclaim UGLY Healing Retreat and Transformative Imagination Conference Planning, Coordination, and Execution
  • Supporting Sick & Disabled Healers, Educators, & Artists to Work At An Accessible Pace
Want to support, but not sure if monthly contributions are for you?

Head to our official PayPal for a one-time tax deductible gift! For donation receipts, please email with you name, amount of donation, date of the donation, and your mailing address.