Do you want to join Reclaim UGLY to add more art and community to the world? More empathy, compassions, soft landing spaces? More understanding, more healing, more accessibility? There’s so many beautiful amazing plans we have, and could use all the help we can get! Whether you contribute, collaborate with us, or participate in the events- we’re here for you and cherish being on this journey with you whatever that looks like.


As a Sponsor, your financial contributions help keep our events accessible and free to all people who want to attend the upcoming Reclaim UGLY Healing Retreat and Transformative Imagination Conference May 2021.

Facilitators: $100
CART: $90
ASL interpreters: $120
Administrative labor & other costs: $40

Sponsoring a 1 hour event is $350
Sponsoring a 2 hour event is $700
Sponsoring a 3 hour event is $1050

What we can offer our sponsors:

  • We can affiliate the workshop of your choice, on a first come basis, with you. This includes placing your name and logo on all promotional events for that name.
  • Celebration on social media
  • Celebration on our website
  • Celebration in our newsletters
  • Our support for your future events
Community Partner

As a Community Partner, you are our buddy in making this event happen and ensuring that the folks who need and want to participate have access. We know you are likely very busy, so there are a plethora of options for how to collaborate. You can choose to do any and all of the following:

  1. Promote Our Conference & Events
  2. Promote Our Fundraiser
  3. Host A UGLY Conference Event
  4. Contribute to Our Healing In Solidarity Blog

What can we offer our Community Partners?

  • Celebration on social media
  • Celebration on our website
  • Celebration in our newsletters
  • Our support for your future events
  • An opportunity to speak at our kickoff event

Support us with a once monthly contribution to our efforts. On Action Network, you can set up recurring payments that will go directly to our UGLY Conference, and everything needed to make it accessible, healing, and sustainable. Our Patreon makes sure to take care of Vanessa and all her hard work at Reclaim UGLY, and secure a thriving wage. All tiers reap the same benefits (early access, to content/registration sneak peak to projects, voting when applicable for upcoming content). an Once we reach $5000 monthly, we will offer special offers, workshops, and events for every patron supporting us, every tier will get to join in on the fun!


Join us as a Collaborator with your labor, creativity, and visioning for Reclaim UGLY roles to make spaces as accessible, healing, and fulfilling as possible! We work at the pace of joy, and the more hands we have helping in the background, the more we can sustainably take care of participants and team members. Whatever your capacity, skills, passions, experience- let’s find what you’re excited about, find what we’re hoping for, and find the beautiful overlap of our needs and desires as we work together. Sign up here.

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