Testimonies & Affirmations

Image description: “Fatties For Freedom” sign being held by a curvy person with shoulder-length hair wearing blue lipstick, a white tank top and black boots, on a sidewalk with a building and graffitied gate in the background.

What Have Our Event Participants Said About Reclaim UGLY?

This was an incredible event that brought massive healing.

Big Love!!!!

Thank you for you time, effort and dedication to the upliftment of our communities. Thank you for sharing your platform and creating space for those who aren’t as visible as we should be. thank you for advocating for us.

You all are doing such phenomenal and necessary work for the community. As sad as I am that I hadn’t heard of you all before this month, I’m so grateful that you are now on my radar.

Thank you for facilitating a communion of love that was healing, in these times of uncertainty and disconnection.

thank you to y’all! POWER, PROTECTION, PEACE to you all!! <3 <3

So far including today’s workshop all of the presenters have been welcoming, open, and willing to answer questions and give encouragement. They were naturals. Please keep doing the good work. Thank you to all the volunteers who step up to host cohost do slides and help the presenters. Including the ASL interpreters and everyone on the website setting dates and times up. I love our people. This being right here is supremely grateful!

I know this is all passionate work and I appreciate everyone who put into it!

You are loved and doing such necessary work. Such warriors with a purpose. Gratitude.

Thank you so much for providing this MUCH needed space.

Gratitude and blessings to everyone for this awesome healing work!

Thank you for helping us reclaim our magic.

This is such an amazing program and I’m so grateful that this line up for healing exists

Thank you for providing this much needed space! …Thank you to the organizers and volunteers for creating these events, for making them accessible and so very inclusive! And for the funders for allowing for this to be free for us and for those involved to get paid for their work.

Wow! Many blessings and gratitude to the presenter and all the organizers, and volunteers! Exceeded any expectations I could of had! <3

I would like to offer encouragement to keep holding spaces like this. It’s so needed. Thank you for your vision!

This was an experience I was expecting to feel and receive so much from. I am more than empowered. I feel like I am shedding old skin or being reborn. You all have done such a wonderful job. I am really grateful for all of your service. Thank you for being here and I’m looking forward to more❤️❤️

I’m excited I found this community. What a blessing it has been to feel completely welcome in the space. Having these events online, free, with captions and ASL interpreters makes so I can attend and engage. Thank you!

Please keep this going it’s really needed in the community.

I learned so much, and feel deeply grateful for their wisdom and care.

Just deep gratitude for the offerings of each session that has happened so far and the ones coming up in the near future❤️

I am so appreciative of this space, especially the fact that I was surrounded by black and brown folkx. I also want to say that this particular subject matter was something I didn’t think I needed but babyyyyyy I was called out but in the best way! I have learned more about areas that I need to heal and grow in while also understanding how these same areas can be gems to help me flourish in life while becoming who I’ve been put on this earthly realm to become.

Thank you for all that you do! Keep inspiring!

You are doing the beautiful work of addressing the need for rest, for Black people especially. It’s important and ancestral work.

What Have Our Collaborators, Contractors, And Volunteers Said About Reclaim UGLY?

This is literally everything I’ve hoped for since I started my healing journey about 10 years ago. I’ve been through much darkness to be where I am today and I want to share what helped me get through it and how I continue to strive in spite of it through movement, affirmations, and love.

It’s important to provide healing offerings and workshops because our healing, pleasure, joy and dreams need to continue to be prioritized.

This is so empowering for our community! Let’s get well and create a new way of live and loving our lives.

I have become hyper aware in the last few months of how much it hurts to participate in a system built from the ground up upon racism. Every little bit I participate in dismantling this system feels uplifting. Because using music to bring people together has been central to my adult life I jump at every opportunity to use it in this struggle.

This is so important, the healing of black lives is important. Breaking curses, spreading joy, creating safe spaces, fostering community, building foundations for self love.

I had such a healing journey thank you for all the love you poured into this offering.

It was such an honor to be a healer for BHO. I have so much love for Vanessa, the team, and all the healers who made this happen. It was an incredible opportunity for me as I was really just beginning my journey as a self proclaimed healer. The love I received as a teacher and a student was profound. The spaces were held with such love, even when it wasn’t easy or we didn’t feel “good.” THANK YOU. Thank You. thank you.

Having a safe space during this extremely stressful season has been life giving. I loved the event and can’t wait for more.

Black Healing October was amazing and more events like these are so needed! So blessed to be a part of this healing magic and so happy that sexual healers were featured!

This is important to me because as a survivor of so many negative experiences I understand the impact those traumas can have upon one’s life. It is important that we are afforded safe spaces to grieve, be resuscitated, and breathe. Otherwise, the journey can become tedious and we find ourselves merely existing instead of living. I want to pour into those who feel empty and let them know that they are not alone.

I think by liberating your thinking, you free your mind and soul. You are in a position of choice and empowerment. I love to see my people learn and expand in ways that changes them forever. In a good way! Knowledge is power. When we know better, we do better and I want to be a part of that. Black people are ready and I want to share my gifts with my people. There is no greater reward then to see my people soar. We are the ones we have been waiting for! We are at as a precious pivotal point in the world around black healing. The time is now. We are open and ready. Now that the world has caught up, let the healing begin.

I wish to participate in any way I can to make sure the Healers of Black Healing October are paid and the workshops can be free. I believe in Reclaim UGLY’s mission and am honored to be of service to a more loving future!

This was the most RADICALLY INCLUSIVE AND INTENTIONALLY CURATED event I have ever been a part of. This organizing team is absolutely phenomenal and the work and message and dedication the organizing team has put forward is unmatched!

This was one of the most healing, empowering and grounding events I’ve participated in. In my life. Black healing October has created a space of absolute joy, pleasure and radical self-healing and awareness. I’ve met so many incredible people, have an entire notebook FULL of notes. I laughed, cried, napped, learned, processed, did a TON of writing, listened and watched incredible art. Reveled in the beauty of the diversity of Blackness. It was everything I needed and more.

Life changing event!

I am excited about uplifting black healing and uplifting a space that promotes black love and black healing.

I’m excited to be part of a movement of people dedicated to personal and collective healing.

We believe in healing justice and working in solidarity to uplift the voices, dreams, power, and healing of Black community– this October and every day.

It was an amazing, wonderful, affirming experience to be able to share my gifts with the community. Grateful for RECLAIM U.G.L.Y for the opportunity.

I must join with my people in thriving, and I wish to bring all the tools, all the opportunities at hand to contribute to our healing and liberation. I find my own healing in service to others.

I love this!! I, as a white person, can contribute things I make to benefit healing spaces for Black people. I love the structure of this whole event. It is so obviously an expression of the ecosystem we want to create–one that centers Black humans and healing and liberation. WAAAAFUCKINGHOOOO!

I am super grateful I had the experience of facilitating a twerkshop in this program, and that I was able to connect people I know with healing events. It was an honor and a pleasure to be reminded why I dedicate so much of my life to healing justice work in the name of collective liberation. Thank you for this one of a kind experience!

Vanessa’s vision, grace, and joy has been the inspiration and light I needed in such a tumultuous challenging year. From there that joy and healing only multiplied with each healer, each hour of community, and I’m so very grateful to be as involved as I was to soak up every bit of the month I could manage.

This was an important and necessary series of workshops. I am so grateful to have been allowed to share my gift with others who live outside the margin.