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5 Things We Should All Know About Uglification

Written by Reclaim UGLY Team, edited by Frankie Enzler and Amira Aro Uglification /ˌəɡləfəˈkāSHən/ : Uglification consists of personal and cultural beliefs, behaviors, practices, and laws that dehumanize people as ugly, undesirable, immoral, and unworthy. It feeds, maintains, and depends on oppression, such as lookism, racism, ableism, sexism, and homo-, trans-, fat-, and xeno- phobia. … Read More 5 Things We Should All Know About Uglification

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Monquisha The Lesbian Monsta Series by Vanessa Rochelle Lewis

Fat Love Valentine Cards by Kathryn Hack

Gallery description: A series of photos filled with red, blue, purple, and pink lush fat bodies being celebrated in Valentine’s day cards. Images include silouhettes of a solitary dancer, a loving couple, and a powerful trio, with messages including “Dear Fat Valentine, You Are Magic” “I’m Swooning For You, Fat Valentine”, “Will You Be My Fat Valentine?”, “Dear Fat Valentines, Can I Glory In You Please?”, “Dear Fat Valentines, We Look Good Together”, “Would You Be My Fat Valentine?”, “Dear Fat Valentine, Your Body Delights Me”, “Dear Fat Valentines, Wanna Join My Revolution?”, “You Are Divine Fat Valentine” as well as some promotional information for a past event entitled GLORY.

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