Anna Flurry (she/her)

I believe in our collective ability to create a world where each of us is truly liberated. I believe That freedom starts in the self, and spreads through connection to people and other living beings.

I am a facilitator, organizer, writer, aspiring healer, and social justice coordinator living on occupied Hohokam, Yavapai, and Apache land, also known as Prescott, AZ. I love *many* things, including colorful jewelry, dogs, nature, dancing, writing, deep conversations, “trashy” TV, and an excess of glitter. I am a student of joy and healing, and I am learning to let the deep knowledges of the body, the earth, and the teaching of many wise women and femmes lead me in this journey to grow a better world. 

I am reclaiming my ugly by showing up as my bravest, fullest self wherever possible, especially since I recently moved back to my rural hometown, a place where I know from experience that it is hard for many people to feel free. There are people in my life, including Vanessa Rochelle Lewis, who have shown me through their own liberation that I too, can embrace my fuller self. Just the other day, an elder stopped my in a parking lot and asked me how I dyed my hair. The conversation ended with her yelling to me as she got into her car, “I think I’m going to go with pink!” As someone who went to a high school where the dress code stated that hair could not be dyed any “unnatural” colors, moment like this give me hope for a world where we all feel safe enough to show up as our freest, fullest selves.

This period of my life is one of deep learning, and deep leaning into embodied experiences and joy. I am learning that I am magic, and that I can help others find their magic, too. I am finding my paths, my people, and my roots in this life, and I am growing in my desire to discover what my healing gifts are and how I may share them. Toni Cade Barbara once said, “The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.” My dream is to make the revolution irresistible to as many people as possible through empowerment, healing work, joy, art, and a little bit of magic. ðŸ§œðŸ»â€â™€ï¸ðŸŒ€âœ¨

Please visit my website, at to learn more about the work that I do and the services I offer.

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