Tyrell Blacquemoss (they/he)

Tyrell (they/he) is a fruition birthworker, serial entrepreneur and artist growing financial roots,  blossoming dreams, and healing ancestral debts. With a 10+ years thread and an ongoing commitment to land-based Afro-Indigenizing practices, Tyrell supports peacekeepers and leaders through strategic planning to see and step into their inheritance. Together, Tyrell and their clients work to bridge borders of race, class, ability, gender, age, and sexuality. Tyrell has birthed 5 startups since 2016 and is a recipient of The Gibian Rosewater Travel Award, 2018 Artist in Community Award, Cornell Tradition Fellowship, and Pink Door Fellowship. Tyrell is attracted to Reclaim UGLY’s emphasis on dreaming a future for those most impacted by uglification right now. 

Tyrell spends most of his time cultivating the community of Dream Reclamation, Energy and Ancestral Healing, and Matriarchal Praxis (DREAM) School; deepening the spiritual foundation of Cause Reign; strategizing new ways for Be You, Do You (BUDU) to be effective at growing other dreamers’ businesses; and ultimately developing sovereignty support infrastructure through W3AVING W3BS (pronounced Weaving Webs). He’s trying to remember to play more often with his trans siblings.  

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