Solidarity Healing September

Solidarity Healing September hosts a month long series of events for all who hope to fight for Black liberation, unpacking anti Blackness, and help fund Black Healing October. People of all races spent time together to grow, learn, and develop skills to be self accountable and resilient in the fight for liberation, while also being gentle with ourselves and each other

We’re so grateful for every healer, donor, team member, volunteer, and participant who made BHO 2020 the incredible event that we were able to create together.

Our funders for this event included the Akonadi Foundation, Horizon’s Foundation, and the Resist Foundation. We are tremendously thankful for their support and helping our wildest dreams come true.

Image Description: a logo for the Akonadi Foundation
Image Description: a logo for the Horizon’s Foundation
Image Description: a logo for the Resist Foundation

Healers and Events

Nomy Lamm

Amy Benson-Calloway & Alex Gino

Rainbow Marifrog

Anna Ostow

Taylor Garrison


Anna Flurry

Molly Johnston LCSW

Charlie Levin

Johanna Rothe

Sonia Deckers AMFT & Emily Cobbey ASW

Encian Pastel & Meg Thomas

Johnathan Best

Kate Lammers

Check out our zine celebrating SHS and BHO 2020!

The text only zine features accessible PDFs for screen readers, please let us know at if your access needs are not met between these two zines.

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