A flyer for Your Magic Belongs To You Workshop!
Image Description: A flyer for an upcoming workshop with Creating Freedom Movements and Reclaim UGLY. A whimsical image of a hand in the center doing magic on purple background and sparkly decoration. Text reads: “Reclaim UGLY Presents: Your Magic Belongs to You! And Yes, Beloved, You Deserve It!”. Two speech bubbles read: “With Vanessa Rochelle Lewis” and “July 10th 11a-4p PT”

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Are you someone who frequently shares your magic with others? Do you pour it abundantly into your community, your work, or the healing/liberation movements that call you? Do you give, do, love as much as you can for the cause? Are you tired? Are you surrounded by people who expect, expect, take, take without giving in return. Do you force yourself to give and do, even when your cup is running empty? Is burn out leading you to resentment or hopelessness.

Family – Especially you Empaths, Nurturers, Caretakers, & Generous Ass Love Bugs.

Let me be clear: You are a bad bitch. You are MAGIC. You have so much to offer the world. And the world NEEDS you.


But if you’re not careful, the world will change you first. It will suck you dry, take all your magic, and replace it will resentment, burn out, rage, insecurity, and even self-loathing. Join our boundary honoring & self-care masterclass to:

  • Really dig into your joy and history to identify a part of your magic that you want to focus on for this class.
  • Explore how & why you may be giving your magic away or (how the world is stealing it from you).
  • Offer A Sacred “Fuck You” to the oppressive ideals, intrusive voices, exploitative institutions and unrelenting people that interfere with you really living in your magic.
  • Set some intentions around Reclaiming Your Magic as YOURS.
  • Create an action plan Protect & Sustain Your Magic while still living your best life
  • Have a sweet, good, loving time with yourself and community.

Register here.

This course is for everyone invested in collective healing and reclaiming ugly! We center the voices and experiences of BIPOC who experience the most intersections of exclusion and marginalization. We know that BlackQueer Liberation means Liberation for All. Thank you for creating transformative spaces with us.

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