Reclaim UGLY Liberation & Joy Services

Join us on a journey of liberation, solidarity, healing, and pleasure.

Reclaim UGLY Liberation & Joy Services are a series of healing performances, events, and vulnerable conversations! Some of them are for our entire Beloved Community, and some are sacred spaces just for Black people. Participating in these events is a deep dive into shaping and imagining the love & liberation movements that we and our communities deserve. Join us!

Reclaim UGLY  Liberation & Joy Services (including Black Healing October) are a series of programs that use performance art, sermon, and sacred healing circles to explore how we can heal together, across identity, across issue, across barriers, and beyond the limiting scope of what it means to be a good person or activist. We’re asking the question: How can we build, imagine, love, and fight for racial justice, gender justice, disability justice, healing justice, and fat liberation without hurting each other as much in the process? We hope that together, we can create a soft landing place to collective heal from the impacts of white supremacy and uglification.

As a Black femme-led space, we are also committed to creating sacred spaces for Black people (of all ages, identities, genders, and sexual orientations) to connect, heal, grow, learn, relax, love, imagine, and transcend with each other – as a family. We do this through Black Healing October – a series of healing events for Black people facilitated by Black people.

Our Liberation & Joy Services act as a fundraiser and heartraiser to pay our Black Healers and make performances and workshops free for Black attendees! Your tickets and donations allow us to create these sacred Black events, as well as to pay our staff equitable wages, so we can take space for our own accessibility, abundance, and sustenance as we continue our healing and anti-racist work.

We can’t wait to see you there. 💖

Click here for a list of our offerings!

Image description: a flyer for Reclaim UGLY Healing for Solidarity. An artistic rendition of a group of five people with various hair, skin colors, and body sizes. They stand in the grass holding hands on a sunny cloudy day. Text reads: “Healing for Solidarity. Black Healing October and Solidarity Healing September* by Reclaim UGLY [reclaim ugly logo]. Liberation cannot and will not happen without healing first. So let’s heal our movements, our communities, and our hearts together.”

Liberation & Joy Services 2021

  • September 25th: Tell Me What You Want: Reclaiming UGLY Through Kink and PleasureA Performance for our entire Beloved community!
  • October 2nd (Performance & Ritual): We’re Rooting for Everyone Black! A Coming Together Performance & Ritual – A Black Healing October Event
  • October 2nd: (Community Conversation) Black on Black Love: How Can We Love Each Other More and Hurt Each Other Less? – A Black Healing October Event
  • October 9th (Performance): The Blacker The Berry: A Celebration of Dark Skin & Melanated Performers! – A Black Healing October Event
  • October 9th (Sacred Space): Understanding & Healing from Colorism – A Black Healing October Event
  • October 13th: (Performance) Black MaGes Smash Up: Exploring The Magic of Gender Outside the Patriarchy – A Black Healing October Event for Black Youth
  • October 16th (Performance): Thicker Than A Snicker: A Fat, Black, & Liberated Performance – A Black Healing October Event
  • October 16th (Sacred Space): Healing from Fatphobia, Lookism, & Uglification In Our Communities – A Black Healing October Event
  • October 23th – October 24th: Honoring Our Rage & Protecting Our Magic Healing & Creativity – A Black Healing October Event
  • October 27th (Performance & Conversation): How We Stay Alive – A Mental Health Performance – A Black Healing October Event for Black Youth
  • October 30th (Performance): Scary, Sexy, Cool: A Queer Black Halloween Showcase! – A Black Healing October Event
  • October 31st: Black Love Tea Time Open Mic & Commitment Ceremony – A Black Healing October Event!
  • November 14th (Workshop) Building in a Regenerative Way: Don’t Be a Martyr for Liberation & How to Incorporate Self-care Into Activist Praxis – A workshop for our entire Beloved community!
  • November 25th: In Solidarity Against White Supremacy & The Patriarchy: The Performance & Open Mic – A Performance for our entire Beloved community!

Click here to find out more about Reclaim UGLY’s mission!

Two people of size swimming
Image Description: Two people of size – a Black femme woman with short Black dreadlocks and a white woman with long brown hair – swim in cerulean waters with purple scarves trailing behind them. The Black woman looks up at the camera with an impish grin.

These are some of the themes we will be exploring this year:

  • Kink, Pleasure, & Sexual Liberation
  • Black Healing & Liberation
  • Fat Liberaton
  • Combatting Colorism
  • Gender Outside The Patriarchial Binary
  • Mental Health & Self Care
  • Beloved Community Building

Get involved!

Liberation & Joy Services are soft landing places for people interested in cross issue, multi-racial solidarity and healing. These are spaces to explore how we exist together, how we transform our current liberation movements into the world we want to live in, and how we all move in deeper solidarity with Black Healing & Liberation.

We invite Non-Black People of Color and white comrades and beloveds to show up as volunteer performers, facilitators, speakers, and money movers for Reclaim UGLY and Sacred Black Healing Spaces. Your loving service will help us to pay all our Black Healers an abundant rate for their labor (our goal is $150 per offering or per hour of facilitation). It will also support the Black Femme leadership at Reclaim UGLY to be paid for their labor and help to ensure that this wonderful series of events flows with ease.

  • Attend: There is no show without an audience!  Attend a performance and/or sacred circle to get a taste of the community and make some magic with us. [Hyperlink for “Register for Events” page]
  • Donate: Your donation will help make BHO and Liberation & Joy Services into a beautiful reality!
  • Sponsor an event: For those who want to support Reclaim UGLY in a BIG way, please consider sponsoring a performance or sacred circle.
  • Volunteer: We at RU are always looking for dedicated, passionate people who want to donate their time. If you feel called to get involved, we want to know!!

Events Calendar:

Check out the exciting 2021 Liberation & Joy Services events happening at Reclaim UGLY, and register below!

BHO 2020 Zine

Explore the Zine created by members of last year’s Black Healing October events!

The text-only zine features accessible PDFs for screen readers. Please let us know at if your access needs are not met between these two zines.

Image Description:  A square graphic with a background of swirling blue and black colors covered in gold stars.  A yellow crescent moon sits next to centered text that reads “Reclaim UGLY Presents:  The Black Healing October and Solidarity Healing September Archive Zine.  A magical little keepsake full of the memories, magic, and healing from these memorable months, may you feel all the love we shared as you explore this zine.”

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