Reclaim UGLY Healing Retreat & Transformative Imagination Conference

Image description: Promotional image for Reclaim UGLY 2021 Conference, featuring 5 colorful figures of various size, ability, gender, and style plus one dog on a leash. They all hold a large green sign that reads in yellow text: “Reclaim UGLY Healing Retreat and Transformative Imagination Conference”

Our Bodies Are Wonderful Sites of Pleasure & Liberation.

Image description: Logo for the Reclaim UGLY Conference 2021. A large, deep brown belly is featured in the center, with a hand lovingly grabbing a roll of skin. A pink and coral circle frame the belly with layered pink, yellow, peach 4 pointed stars accenting the image.

10 Days of healing, community building, and imagination generating discussions, performances, panels, and activities devoted to healing, reclaiming, and imagining our lives, relationships, communities, and movements free from the impacts of uglification.

May 28th-May 31st

Healing Retreat Intensive – Fall in love with yourself with Reclaim UGLY. Primarily facilitated by Reclaim UGLY Retreat/Conference team. Get vulnerable, have fun, be embodied, create art, and make friends while healing from the impacts of uglification, isolation, and bullying. While most of this period will be interactive, there will also be performances, guest facilitators, keynotes, panelists, screenings, and more. This time is dedicated to the healing and magical arts of imagination, community care, and compassionate self love.

June 1st-June 4th

Now that we’ve started to process of healing ourselves, lets collaborate to also heal the world. Participants will meet in professional, movement, art-based, and age-appropriate tracks and respond to pre-recorded daily panels, talks, or workshops. Learn and grow while collaborating with small and intimate groups to create real life action plans that replace uglification with transformative imagination and radical inclusivity. Delve deep into your passions and interest to create a more liberated and joyful world.

June 5th

Showcase Time! Join us for the Reclaim UGLY Transformative Imagination, Radical Future, & Healing Arts Community Town Hall! We will all come together and present what we’ve learned, shared, cherished, and loved with the other conference participants. We are more than just talk. We are here to create concrete and tangible steps towards actual change.

I happened upon y’all in the midst of a really rough episode and the one session I attended brought me comfort and peace. Y’all are doing important work and I’m so grateful.

-Black healing october participant

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