What’s Your Kryptonite?

Image description: Flyer for “What’s Your Kryptonite?” Workshop. A pink sky with a sun shining from the top left background. Gray text reads, “Creating Freedom Movements Presents: What’s Your Kryptonite? Recognizing and Releasing the Resentments & Traumas That Block Your Magic & Joy. A benefit workshop for Creating Freedom Movements. Learn more and register at: bitly.com/CFMkryptonite. May 29th, 10:30a-5p PT with a break from 1p-2:30p PT. Deadline for requesting ASL: May 15. Automated Live Captioning will be provided. http://www.creatingfreedommovements.org” . On the right side, a colorful photo of Vanessa Lewis is shown. White text underneath reads: Facilitated by Vanessa Rochelle Lewis, Author of Reclaiming UGLY: Uplift Glorify Love Yourself And Create A World Where Others Can As Well.”

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Beloveds, we are magic. We deserve to freely and joyfully frolic in the lush power of our magic. We deserve relationships, with ourselves and others, that inspire pleasure, trust, and possibility. But entirely too often, oppression gets in the way of our ability to choose and access the joy that is our birthright; resentment halts the magic we have the potential to activate when we step into our most liberated power; and both oppression and resentment can turn us into our own worst enemy. In this workshop, we will gently and compassionately explore the resentments and trauma that get in the way of our bliss, learn how they are connected to oppression and injustice, and create healing action plans so that we can begin the process of reclaiming our magic and enjoying our lives as much as possible. There will be a break from 1-2:30p PT.

Deadline for requesting ASL: May 15

Automated Live Captioning will be provided.

Note about registration questions: Registration questions are to help us better serve our community, and demographics for grant funding. Your information will be upheld in the strictest confidence, and all reporting will be anonymous without your name attached to your answers. Any questions you feel comfortable answering are appreciated, but not required.

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