Black Healing October

What Black Healing October is about

Black Healing October is special month full of performances, workshops, and sacred spaces created specifically for Black people to heal, rest, and explore joyful solidarity together. During this month, all events are free to Black people. While everyone is welcome to watch and enjoy most of our performances, the sacred spaces and workshops (and some performances) are exclusively and solely for Black people. If you are not Black, participating in Solidarity Healing September will help support our Black Healing Movement.

Image description: the Reclaim UGLY logo. An abstract four petal design with a purple and beige spiral in the middle. The petals are pink, yellow, blue, and green with wavy lines coming from the center down the length of the petal.
The themes we will be exploring this year:
  • We’re Rooting for Everyone Black!
  • Black on Black Love: How Can We Love Each Other More and Hurt Each Other Less?
  • The Blacker The Berry: A Celebration of Dark Skin & Melanated Performers
  • Understanding & Healing from Colorism
  • Thicker Than A Snicker: A Fat, Black, & Liberated Performance
  • Healing from Fatphobia, Lookism, & Uglification in Our Communities
  • Black MaGes Smash Up: Exploring the Magic of Gender Outside of the Patriarchy
  • Honoring Our Rage & Protecting Our Magic Through Mindfulness & Embodiment, Joyful Movement, Singing, & Writing It Out
  • Scary, Sexy, Cool: A Queer Black Halloween Showcase
  • Black Love Tea Time Open Mic & Commitment Ceremony

Get Involved!

  • Attend: There is no show without an audience!  Attend a performance and/or sacred circle to get a taste of the community and make some magic with us.[Hyperlink for “Attend” Section on Get Involved Page]
  • Donate: Your donation will help make SHS and BHO a beautiful reality!  [Hyperlink for “Donate” Section on Get Involved Page]
  • Sponsoring an event: For those who want to support SHS in a BIG way, consider sponsoring a performance or sacred circle [Hyperlink for “Sponsor” Section on Get Involved Page]
  • Volunteer: We at RU are always looking for dedicated, passionate people who want to donate their time.  If you feel called to get involved with SHS and BHO, we want to know!! [Hyperlink for “Volunteer” Section on Get Involved Page]
Image description: a artistic rendition of a group of loved ones gathering around an outdoor feast. The blue sky, green grass, and blooming trees surrounding them.
Reclaim UGLY Image
Image description: an image for Reclaim UGLY. A pink ombre background featuring seven figures of various skin colors, hair, ability and disability, gender expression, parenthood, and styles. Text reads “Reclaim UGLY Uplift Glorify Love Yourself and create a world where others can as well.”

Event Calendar

BHO & SHS 2020 Zine

Check out the Zine created by members of last year’s Solidarity Healing September events! It includes an archive of the healers, facilitators, workshops, donors, and sponsors! BHO Zine official is the full zine complete with images and graphic design, and BHO Zine text only is the screen reader friendly version without any images.

More Information about Black Healing October & Solidarity Healing September

  • Solidarity Healing September (SHS) is a series of Liberation & Solidarity Services that use performance art, sermon, and sacred healing circles to explore how we can heal in solidarity against white supremacy.
  • SHS is put on by Reclaim UGLY, an intergenerational, multi-racial, LGBTQIA+ and Black-led organization that serves social justice minded communities and centers the voices and needs of people who exist within the following intersections of identity: Black, Indigenous, & People of Color (BIPOC), Fat/People of Size, LGBTQIA+, and Sick & Disabled People.
  • Our goal for Solidarity Healing September is to create healing spaces for art, expression, performance, difficult yet necessary conversations, joy, and so much more.
  • We’re asking the questions: How can we build, imagine, love, and fight for justice without hurting each other as much in the process?  How can we imagine global healing facilitated by the most marginalized and targeted groups? 
  • By stimulating community discussion through performance and gathering, we hope to create a soft landing place for healing from white supremacy.
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